Hiiii lots of love friends, here is a book on profit and loss very tricky questions on which everyone do mistakes. and this book is for ssc cgl maths. i.e. profit and loss , one of the topics which appears to be easy. but they are too good to be easy.
so download this book and solve this book for 2 times atleast. thank you feedback appreciated....
 i could not upload as it is blogger. so i am providing drive link for the same . download of solve online when you want to solve ,. thank you

profit and loss most hard questions relevent to ssc

Now the topic profit and loss is done at my end. book for ssc cgl maths is attached here
from here i am moving to trignometry section which is also sounds to be hard. i will share a strategy to solve trignometry effectively. than you all subscribe for more.
attendance please???????????

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