Hello dear friends , hope all of you are preparing well , in this post you will find 3 questions based on profit and loss topic which had come in previous years question papers several. do them nicely.
today the topic profit and loss will be completed and book for the same will be uploaded there for revision.

The price of an book reduces to 576 after two successive discounts. The M.P. is 80% above the cost price of rs. 500. What is the New profit percentage if instead of two successive discounts the marked price was further increased successively two times by the same percentage.?

Tika chand has a weighing balance in which there is a technical fault. The right pan of his balance measures always 400gm. more than its left pan. Tika chand as usual misutilise this balance in his business. While PURCHASING the aricles "he puts goods in the left pan and weight in the right pan" while selling he reverse the order i.e., goods in the right pan and weight in he left pan. He uses only 2 kg. weight for the measurement. What is his Profit Percentage?

Navin sells his bat and ball to bablu. He get 20% profit on bat, But for ball, for which he gives half of price of bat, he gets 20% loss. In this total procedure he gets Rs. 20 as a profit find the Cost Price of Bat & Ball.
these previous years question are for ssc cpo, cgl. are necessary to solve using the conceptual methods
 here i am attaching a video for the same 

 and the book will be uploaded once i have compiled all the question stay tuned. keep practicing. HOpe for GOOD.
                  THANK YOU ALL 

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