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and a notice regarding ssc cgl 2017 exam is already posted at NR office the time has come to prepare for the country's most crowded exam.
Here are some Previous years question for SSC CGL exam 2017.
I will try to post daily 25 questions of maths and their solutions.
Why PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTIONS are necessary to be done? Because ssc do repeat 90% of the question from previous years papers. Hardly 2-3 question are new in ssc exam.
Let's start maximum time 8 minutes.
1. Find  the  ratio  of  the  area  of  an  equilateral  triangle  of side  2a  units  to  that  of  a  square  whose  diagonal  is  4a units.
(A) 1:1
(B) 2:1
(C) √3:1
Solution- diagonal of square is 4a then its core woupd be 4a/√2 tjat is 2√2a
Now pit in formulas you will get the solution. (√3/4 ×core² is formula for equilateral triangle)

2. A right prism  has a triangular  base  with  perimeter  38 cm.  If  the lateral  surface area  of the prism  is  342  cm², find  its  height.
(A) 5 cm
(B) 16 cm
(C) 12 cm
(D) 9 cm
Lateral surface area of prizm is , perimeter×height with this formula we get 9cm answer

3. Find  the  area  of  the  square  inscribed  in  a  circle  of radius 6 cm.
(A) 36 cm²
(B) 144 cm²
(C) 72 cm²
(D) 144/√2 cm²
If a square is inscribed in circle , circle's diameter would be its diagonal by this we get diagonal 12cm and by solving fore core's length we get 6√2cm now it is easy to solve .

4. If  the  radius  of  a  sphere  increases  by  50%  then  its volume will  increase by
(A) 50%
(B) 150%
(C) 337.5%
(D) 237.5%
Let volume is 100 now according to question radius is increased by 50% in the formula of sphere radius is revised 3 time so 50% increases 3 times like this
100---150-----225----337.5 . Final volume-intial volume is the increased part.

5. PXY  and  PQR  are  secants  drawn  to  a  circle.  If  PX = 2PQ, XY = 12 cm and PQ = 4 cm, find QR.
(A) 20 cm
(B) 26 cm
(C) 36 cm
(D) 16 cm

6. A solid rectangular box of dimensions 16 cm × 12 cm ×11 cm is melted to form lead balls of diameter 4 cm. Find the number of balls thus formed.
(A) 52
(B) 100
(C) 93
(D) 63
When something is melted the volume of that thing never changes, by equalling volume we the answer

7. Find the total surface area and volume respectively of a rectangular box which is 9m long, 8m wide and 7m high.
(A) 391m², 292m³
(B) 382m², 504m³
(C) 504m², 382m³
(D) 121m², 392m³
Solution is just follow the formula you will get if not than comment down.

8. A 200-m-long train crosses a pole in 10 seconds. Another train travelling at the same speed crosses a 300-m-long platform in 20 seconds. Find the time taken by the second train to cross the first, if the first train is stationary.
(A) 20 seconds
(B) 15 seconds
(C) 10 seconds
(D) 30 seconds
200m in 10second means 20m/s right! In 20seconds train would cover 400m hope you get it. Means 100m is length of second train. Now second train will cover 300mbat the speed of 20m/s so the answer is 15seconds.

9. A man rows a distance of 6 kilometres in 45 minutes with the help of the tide. When the direction of the tide reverses he travels another 16 km in 4 hours. How many hours would he have saved, had the direction of the tide not changed?
(A) 4 hours
(B)1½ hours
(C) 2 hours
(D)2⅔ hours
 Let the speed of the man be M and that of the tide be T. Then Speed in favourable direction(M + T) = 6/45m = 8 kmph Speed in unfavourable direction (M – T)= 16/4 = 4 kmph Now, M + T = 8, M – T = 4 So, M = 6 kmph and T = 2 kmphNow, favourable time = 8-6 = 2 hours
10. Tap P can fill a tank in 20 hours and Tap Q can fill the same tank in 30 hours. Both taps were opened simultaneously at 6 am and after some time Q was closed. If the tank got filled at 9 pm, at what time was Q  closed?
(A) 6 pm
(B) 12 : 30 pm
(C) 7 : 30 pm
(D) 1 : 30 pm
Q is stopped but P opened for full time that is 15 hours efficiency of P is 3 so total filled by P is 3×15=45 , rest part 15 is filled by Q , Q'efficiency is 2 that means 7:30 hours it kept opened so total time is 6+7:30 is 1:30PM

This is the first post on the series of PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTIONS FOR SSC CPO,CGL 2017.
thank you
Mark wise break up of the post is
Marks 2-3 | you need to do clear the basics with the help of NCERT books

Marks 4-7 | you are average at maths, don't worry practicing these questions will make you best at math
Marks 8-9 | yours math is good but hardly 2-3 topic i.e. chapters are not prepared.
Marks 10 | you have strong hold on maths . Find time to write something for us.
I hope you all will get 10 marks in these previous years questions

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